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Broadband has become an essential utility for modern businesses, and you want to make sure that your internet connection is fast and reliable. That’s why Spinnaker Associates offers lightning-fast business broadband packages that are highly customisable to meet your company’s needs.



We have a massive scope over what we can offer for our clients. For more information about our custom broadband and landline packages contact Spinnaker Associates today for a free consultation.

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Your one stop shops for all your business broadband and landline solutions. We can combine your packages to make sure you get the best deal available

Not sure if you are looking for a VoIP telephony setup or need a Dedicated Line? Ask our friendly team for advice




Business Telecoms & Broadband


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Line & Broadband


We understand that no two businesses are the same, that’s why we offer a range of different landline and broadband packages that are tailored to your needs.

Whether you are streaming video, downloading big files, connecting multiple devices, using cloud apps or connective with your team or clients across the globe, our reliable landline and broadband packages are the perfect combo to keep you in touch with your customers.

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SIP- Session Initiation Protocol


SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a cost-effective alternative to ISDN, allowing your business to enjoy the benefits of a hosted solution, but allowing you to maintain your existing landline infrastructure and phone equipment. This allows you to use a single line for both your phone line and internet. The benefits include the ability to use overlay services such as call recording and monitoring, free calls between your offices and business locations and reduced charges compared to traditional ISDN lines.

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Cloud Telephony (VoIP)


Future proof your business with a Hosted solution for your business. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) refers to telephone calls made directly over the internet as opposed to traditional phone lines. The benefits include the ability to transfer calls with ease, play premade marketing messages to customers on hold and offer you a much more flexible and cheaper call handling experience.

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Dedicated Internet (Lease Lines)


A Dedicated Internet Access, or Lease Line, provides you with a private ethernet connection that is entirely yours – no other company will have access to it, guaranteeing that you never share your bandwidth with anyone. Spinnaker Associates can work with you to find the perfect package for your business, whether you’re looking for a 10mbps or 10Gbps.


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We have partnered with some of the country’s best telecoms companies to provide high quality, cost effective business landline services and IP telephony packages.





Working with Telecommunication Industry Professionals


Spinnaker Associates works with trained professionals to ensure that your telecoms and broadband are installed safely and professionally, with the aim to minimise your downtime as much as possible.


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