Heads Up!

Taking the classic party game of Charades, Heads Up! Gives it a modern and exciting twist. Simply select a category, hold the phone against your forehead and watch your family or friends (badly from our experience!) try to shout hints at you until you can guess what’s on your screen. Whether you are seeing friends and family or having Christmas over Zoom there is laughter and fun abundant found through this app.


Just Dance Now

We all have a bit of extra stuffing after Christmas so why not work them off dancing to some of the best chart toppers and party anthems using Just Dance Now. All you have to do is connect your phone to your TV or screen pick your tune of choice and get going! While the app is free you are currently limited to how many songs you can play daily without using in-app purchases. You can dance with friends, create your ultimate playlist and even track the calories you’ve burnt. Whether you're auditioning for Strictly or just strutting your stuff in your bedroom there isn’t a better game on the market. 


Party Starter


Once the kids have gone to bed there is no better game to bring out than Party Starter. Why limit yourself to one drinking game when you can have a collection all inside of one App? Containing classics such as, Never Have I Ever, True Or False, A To Z and Explain The Word there really is something for everyone letting you keep the laughter coming and the drinks flowing until the sun rises. 




A classic game of deception and cunning. Psych! Is a game that challenges you to outsmart your friends. The premise is simple, make up the most believable answer to a variety of trivia questions. Then the challenge is to pick the real answer out while avoiding your friends' fakes or trick them into believing your lies are the actual truth. There are few games out there that let you learn something new while also confusing and frustrating your family and Psych offers both in spades.  


And that’s just some of our favourites that will give you joy and laughter with your friends and family this Christmas period. There has never been more ways to communicate, and as Platinum Partners of Vodafone, EE and O2 we have plenty of offers to help you do exactly that. Whether you need 20 new handsets or just treating yourself to an early Christmas present Spinnaker can do it all! For our full range of festive deals contact us today on  02393872900