There is a variety of ways to define the "best" telecoms company. Is it the provider with the cheapest deals and tariffs? Or perhaps simply the company with the most renowned customers? The answer will vary wildly for all of us. As such it's a balancing act finding the right telecoms company for you and your business.  

Any reputable Telecoms provider realises that there may be a competitor which better suits the needs of a specific type of customer. However, if you dig a little bit below the surface of these companies, you'll find a variety of factors that are worth considering 

As it stands in 2022 the Telecoms market is heavily saturated with nearly 2000 Telecom Companies as of 2022 in the UK alone. The main disadvantage to this is that for a potential customer the amount of choice can be overwhelming for them. As such finding the "best" provider for your company can be very difficult  

So, What Do I Look For? 

So, what kind of criteria should you be looking for from your provider and how do we rate them? Most business will tend to have its mission statement in the public domain typically on their websites. This allows to get a peek behind the curtain at the spirit and overall feeling of the company and how you would be treated as a customer. Alongside this reading reviews and testimonies from existing customers gives you an unbiased look at the experience from the consumer perspective. 

When it comes to B2B one of the most important aspects to consider is trust. While trust is an area which is different for everyone there are indicators that a company may be genuine. Signs of a trustworthy telecoms company can be noticed quite early on in the communication stage, these can be offering clear and transparent pricing with no hidden charges, Knowledgeable about any recommendations offered and the ability to tailor to your needs specifically rather than provide a blanket solution.  

Another aspect to consider about choosing a provider is the locality of the business. For example, here at Spinnaker Associates while we provide nationwide coverage to our customers, we have concentrated our efforts in building relationships with businesses in the Hampshire area where we are situated. This allows us to form a more personalised relationship with our customers rather than a more blanket situation that a national supplier would provide. Furthermore, it makes sense to be nearby to your supplier as having a quick turn around on any potential emergencies is crucial for any business regardless of size.   

In summary here is just a few off the questions we believe you should be asking yourself when deciding which telecoms provider.  

  • Who are their current customers? 
  • Are they a local or national telecoms provider? 
  • What is the public opinion of the company (Reviews, testimonials, etc)  
  • How easy is it to contact them if an issue arises? 
  • What kind of personalised services can they offer me? 
  • What other areas does the provider cover that may be beneficial to us in the future? 

If you have any areas you think we may of missed or have any further questions please feel free to get in touch Here